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WHY USE AptExpert.com
 Why Use An Apartment Locator? 
  • You would want to contact a professional for any important service - whether it be legal, financial advice, any decision that involves thousands of dollars and a lengthy commitment! I'll do my best to help you avoid making a year long mistake!  
  • It's simple, fast, free and I'll work hard to find what you want - your complete satisfaction is my ultimate goal.  
  • I have 23+ years experience and extensive knowledge of the Houston apartment rental market to assist you in finding the most suitable match for your apartment search. 
  • We also have access to a database that's constantly updated with thousands of garden style apartments, condos, lofts, split level townhomes, and high rise listings throughout the Houston area and including surrounding cities and suburbs. 
  • I can also assist with questions regarding qualifications and requirements. I can assist with electricity contacts, washer/dryer rental, various types of insurance contacts and any other services or information you will need and walk you through the entire rental process from start to finish. 
Your apartment search has just become an easy task. Using my free apartment locator service will take the guesswork out of finding the perfect apartment home for you. 
Apartment Locators and finders work with 99% of the apartments, condos, townhomes, lofts, Mid Rise and High Rise Rentals in and around Houston.
Wherever you want to live from the Inner Loop to the Suburbs, Katy, the Woodlands, River Oaks, West University, Galleria, Midtown, Heights, Museum District, Clear Lake, League City, Galveston, Sugarland, Pearland, Webster, Stafford, Seabrook, Kingwood, Humble, Baytown, Far Northeast or Far Northwest - I can help.

I can help you find the best deals in Houston, deals that you wouldn't ordinarily find on your own. Select apartment communities are offering 1 to 3 months free - right now!  

You'll enjoy a savings of TIME and MONEY by letting me do the search for you! I am a native Houstonian, I do business throughout the city, and I am very familiar with all the different neighborhoods, areas and suburbs of Houston. 
Please call Kathy today 281-842-7965 for fast and friendly, detailed information - email me here

  • I'm in constant contact with the apartment owners to check for possible specials or price reductions, which I'm able to pass on to you! This can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Prices can change daily, specials are now coming back to certain areas with a new supply of luxury apartments, we know where you can get the hottest apartment deals!
  • One of the best reasons to use an apartment locator  service is for "their" knowledge! I know the apartments for rent; I visit them regularly; I am very familiar with all of the apartments throughout the area, 
  • Don't rent the wrong apartment - I've heard all the stories you can imagine ("it doesn't look like the picture", "the maintenance department isn't doing what leasing promised", "there's no parking", "there are bugs everywhere") - you get the picture! 
  • There are a number of reasons to use an apartment locator service but to
enlist an agent with 23+ years of experience will be invaluable to you! I will continue to assist you throughout each step of the rental process - from finding the best possible apartments, to filling out the rental applications and knowing the approval qualifications/criteria, to utility set up, washer/dryer rental, to signing your apartment lease and picking up the keys! I can even suggest shopping and dining options in your new neighborhood. 

FACTS ABOUT Apartments in the Houston Market

In Houston, there are over 2,618 apartment rental communities with over 610,131 apartments.
The Average Rental Price paid in January for Houston was $968. for an average 879 sq ft and that's just an average! It does not accurately reflect the $2.00+ per square foot price of luxury communities in and around the Galleria, Midtown, Montrose, the Heights and many other areas of Houston that extend into the the suburbs.  

There are many more apartment communities currently under construction with some others to break ground in the coming year. Over 83 apartments have recently opened, some already over 50% pre-leased prior to having opened the on-site leasing office! There are 41 major market areas in Houston and 140 cities and towns and Houston traffic can be tough to navigate on a good day! We know these facts can be overwhelming when you are about to search for a new apartment. You want to make the best possible decision regarding where you and your family are going to live, and with my assistance, you can make an informed decision.  

So what does all this mean to you?You could spend days, weeks, even months looking for an apartment on your own that matches your wants and needs . . .  but you don't have to!  Call Kathy Curtis, AptExpert.com Let's make your apartment search fun - an easy task with my free service. 
You'll save time, money, skip the stress and enjoy visiting the properties that you want, at your convenience. You need an "apartment expert" to assist you in finding your next apartment. I would appreciate the opportunity to assist you today - please call  281-842-7965
Call today 281-842-7965  or email Kathy Curtis  kat.curtis@comcast.net Why use Kathy Curtis AptExpert.com?

I know you're busy - let me help! 
When you use my free apartment locator service, you can be sure:
1 -  My service is now and always has been completely Free. The property you lease at pays our company a fee after move in for referring a new resident - no hidden cost or fees as a result of using my service.
2 -  You'll receive a customized apartment search list that matches your requests - wants, needs, price, amenities, area. 
3 -  I'll do the heavy lifting - you'll choose the apartment that you want. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
I'm only paid as a result of you renting and moving in and paying your agreed to rent and fees. All you do for me, list Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators as the referral source on your rental application, report your lease to me to receive your Thank You Bonus Gift Card! I will help make this process go as smoothly as possible.  I can provide contacts to help you get your electricity, rental furniture, cable, internet or washer/dryer rental. Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators often has deals or incentives from the apartment owners that you wouldn't ordinarily find on your own! Rely on a hardworking, licensed, professional to find your next apartment. Call now 281-842-7965

When shopping for an apartment locator service, you do not need to call multiple agents/locators. 
All apartment locators (while they may not be equal in service, experience or property knowledge) have access to the same apartment communities and information. Contacting more than 1 apartment locator can be confusing. If all the agents you have contacted are looking for the same search criteria, "apples to apples", the outcome will be the same too. Some apartment owners offer deals or specials through our service, exclusively at times but most offer it equally to all locators. We try to pre-qualify our customers prior to referring you to apartments to avoid wasting your time or wasting your money. During our initial consultation, I'll ask if you have any credit, rental or background issues that would prevent a standard approval. Apartment and rental communities have credit and rental criteria requirements. The more I know about you, - the better I'm able to assist you.
Important Facts/Tips To Narrow Your Apartment Search 

Price - It may seem like a no-brainer, but remember to compare the total price over the course of the lease term, not just the monthly rent. One apartment community may have a higher rent but is offering a free rent special of 1 to 2 months free, significantly lowering the total price over a 12 to 15 month lease term! 

Lease Terms - Keep in mind that specials offered rarely apply to anything less than a year lease term or longer. While 6 month leases are still offered at most apartment communities it will almost always increase price. Shorter term leases such as 3 months are only offered with select communities. A short term lease of 3 months, will be at "market rate" plus upcharges as much as $300 per month additionally! You also need to factor in the fact that most apartments now use "price software" that dictates pricing - so this short term lease will dramatically increase a 3 months lease term making market rates seem like a hotel rate!   

Water, sewer, trash,gas, and pest control are now an additional fee that is paid separately by the renter. There are still a few properties that don't charge for these items separately but the vast majority do. 

There are still some all bills paid or utilities included apartments - they are considerably older built communities. 99.99% do not have washer/dryer connections in the apartment, nor do they have a individual central air conditioning units. They have what's referred to as a chill water system - these systems are not ideal for allergy sufferer, and either the air conditioning is on or the heat is on. I'm happy to explain. Contact me for more information or referrals for these apartment communities.  

     Laundry facilities  - You know you’ll be spending time doing laundry, so you might favor the complex that provides you with a washer and dryer in the apartment, over that which only gives you a shared laundry facility on the property. If one apartment comes with a connection and another comes with a washer and dryer already installed, you might factor in the cost of renting or buying new units before you make that decision although I can provide information for washer/dryer rental as low as $35 per month if you need to rent them. 

Location, location, location!  One apartment may be closer to work, ensuring a shorter commute. Another may be within walking distance of a grocery store. Still another may be close to school, public transportation, a dog park or even a favorite pub or restaurant to meet with your friends or colleagues. Try putting the apartment’s address into Google Maps and measuring the time to travel to important destinations.  My free apartment list comes with "Maps", amenities, and much more! 

Call Kathy Now for details 281-842-7965
Please don't forget to WRITE Kathy Curtis/Texas Apartment Locators as your referral source on all guest cards when you visit, and on your rental applications when you fill it out. Contact me with your new apartment information for your Bonus - a Thank You Gift Card!     

Apartments that take pets, Pet Friendly Apartments throughout Houston and all surrounding areas, small, medium and large dogs and cats. AptExpert.com Call Kathy 281-842-7965 and let's make sure your furry friends are getting their perfect apartment home too!

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