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• Paid Security Deposits, App Fees, Admin Fees, Pet Fees and Pet Deposits 
  • Signed Lease Agreement

• Change of Address forms filed with your postmaster

  •  Electric provider set up, cable/internet provider set up

• Temporary Pet Accommodations or moving equipment, food/water bowls, food, toys, treats
• Parking Permit/Sticker/ Gate or KeyFob for New Apartment 
• Pool Pass or Keyfob, mailbox key
• Security Cards and Codes for your new apartment

Electricity  -  Need to get your electricity through a reliable and competitive company?
 Call or email me for contacts to get your electricity taken care of - reliable and reputable company. 

  • NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT Water, Sewer, Trash Service Connection or Hook Up - These services are handled through your apartment leasing and management office. They typically have have a third party company that bills directly for these services in addition to your rent unless otherwise specified in your lease contract. Select apartment communities offer these services included in one rental payment. Ask me about those.  
  • Hi-Speed Internet/Cable/Digital TV - this will be a service that you need to hook up for service.
  • Rental Truck Reservation/Deposit
  • Moving Supplies (boxes, tape, blankets)

Greater Houston School Ratings and Reviews at   
 City Sites With Helpful Resources

Link to the League City Site 
Information for Webster, Texas
Information for Friendswood, Texas

Information for Pearland, Texas
Information for Seabrook, Texas
Information for Kemah, Texas
Information for Humble, Texas
Information for Houston, Texas

Moving and Relocation Tips

Self Storage -  Althrough there are many storage companies throughout the area, this is one that I have worked with.  
Storage Choice, 14640-B Hwy 3, Webster, Tx 77598 See Website at http://www.storagechoice.com/ 
Renter's Insurance
Your apartment landlord or management office/owner is not liable or responsible for personal property lost as a result of theft, fire, flood, etc. You will be required by most all apartments for rent in the Houston area to purchase renter's insurance/liability policy. It is a minimal expense and money well spent. Your leasing office will advise you. Companies such as State Farm, Allstate, Farmers and many other companies can provide you with reasonable quotes.  

Only a handful of apartment property owners include basic utilities such as electricity and water as a part of the rental price or lease provision. Such offerings are advertised as "paid utilities" or utilities included, or all bills paid. There are very few of these apartment communities to choose from. All are older built communities and are no longer constructed due to the push for energy and water conservation. Some properties charge offer what's called sub-metered electricity based on usage. In the event the apartment of your choice does not include any paid utilities, contact me for an electric provider. 

Do you need an Electricity Provider
Call now 

Rental Furniture 
Do you need furniture or washer/dryer rental?
 Call for referral information 

Phone Services
There are a variety of companies that provide VOIP and Wireless service - call for referral information 281-842-7965

Gas, Water, Trash, Sewer and pest control - each apartment property has different policies but most "do not" include these fees in your rental price! You will be responsible for paying these additional fees - leasing office can answer questions about all additional fees and how their utility system billing works. Typically - you  receive statements from the apartment community utility billing provider with a small monthly fee for the statement. There are a handful of apartments that include some or all of these fees in your rental price, and some that ad it to your monthly rental price upon rental.  
The leasing office will generally explain what the trash fee is - flat rate from $5 to $30
pest control is $1.50 to $5. and
Gas and water are based on the number of occupants and billed as a sub-metered usage which can average from $25 to $50. 
Cable, Satellite or Digital 
Contact your leasing office for possible discount packages with cable and hi-speed internet. I can provide the contact information however select properties have preferred providers or contracts. 
The providers most commonly used are Xfinity/Comcast and ATT-Uverse.
If your new apartment allows a Satellite Dish, be sure to get the rules regarding location or placement of the dish and insurance liability requirements. 
There are a handful of properties that include basic cable as a part of your rental price but most are no longer including it.   
Here are some things to think about before you decide on the ideal apartment. Security is a cooperative effort.
No matter what type of security effort a landlord makes, the apartment "communal" environment dictates that all residents share in the responsibility for effective security and safety. A helpful idea is to get to know your neighbors through community activities, at the amenities and even while walking your dog or checking your mail and or package deliveries. 
Many apartment properties feature electronic access control ("card access") gated entrances, even exits. This is not the end all, cure all however, the limited access gates and perimeter fencing aren't foolproof. People often follow other people into gates, the gates can malfunction and be down for repair and often quite frequently. The property owners and management representatives recommend being aware of your surroundings, keep an eye out, our safety is our own personal responsibility. 
Report Suspicious Persons
 Tailgating is the most common form of unauthorized entry into apartment properties. When entering and exiting at controlled portals, be aware of unfamiliar or suspicious-looking persons. Report suspicious activity to the property.  
When in doubt, call the office or 911 for emergency concerns and situations
Safety vs. Convenience
In select communities there are electronic digital keypads to provide controlled entry at gated parking and gated pedestrian entrances. While these devices are an added benefit - still, no guarantees - don't give others your gate code. Make it impossible for unauthorized persons to gain entrance.  

Key fobs
Some of the newer luxury community rentals offer key fob entry mechanisms. They tend to be offered in High Rise luxury rentals or brand new construction. 
Check Out the Neighborhood
The neighborhoods around the apartment property should be a primary factor of consideration for the apartment search. The old adage, "look before you leap" also applies to your apartment search. You can check crime statistics for areas via search engines or check  with your local police department.    
As stated at Houston Police On line, "The mission of the Houston Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Houston by working cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the U.S. Constitution to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe environment."
Policing a metro area the size of Houston is a big job. The Houston Police Department does an excellent job in performing its mission.   

To report an emergency requiring the attention of the police department in and around Houston, Dial 911
While other police jurisdictions police surrounding suburban neighborhoods, the 911 emergency reporting system addresses all of the greater Houston metro area.
To review crime statistics in any Houston, League City, Webster, Woodlands, Sugar Land or any Greater Houston area, search Google or Bing for neighborhood crime stats. 
HFD Mission Statement
"The Houston Fire Department is a professional organization continually seeking opportunities to serve our community through fire prevention, emergency operations, patient care and excellent customer service."

Emergency Medical Services 911
Emergency Fire 911
Emergency Police & Law Enforcement 911
Poison Control
(800) 764-7661

Apartment parking accommodations vary from property to property. The Houston apartment hunter can expect to find one of the following types of parking situations at every apartment property in Houston. 

First, How Many Parking Spaces?
The number of parking spots for your apartment should be specified within the terms of your rental or lease agreement. Be sure to ask about the availability of extra parking spaces and extra fees if you
own more than one vehicle and I would also recommend inquiring in advance about designated guest parking to prevent confusion or problems before they arise.  
Exposed, Surface or inside the community parking - surface, off street, or inside the apartment community is standard. 
Covered Parking
Some Greater Houston apartments offer covered parking included in your rental price, but the majority charge an additional fee for reserved, covered parking.   

Garage Parking
Newer Houston apartment properties offer individual parking garages for an additional monthly fee. However some are included in the rent, those are mostly in suburban areas due to the lack of available land in urban areas. These properties are almost higher end, luxury apartment communities. 
The number of parking garages is usually limited when they are detached and offered for a fee, sometimes wait listed. 
Community parking garages are more common among newer mid rise and high rise apartments throughout Greater Houston. There may also be a charge for parking, if that is the case, it will be explained upfront and listed in your lease agreement. 
Guest Parking
Most quality Houston apartments have a modest allotment of guest parking spaces. 
If you expect to have many guests or visitors, be sure to address or consider the number of guest parking spaces available prior to committing to your lease agreement.    
Almost all Houston apartment properties feature a swimming pool.  In addition, many feature a clubhouse that can be rented for parties and other special occasions.
Pool Safety
Pool safety practices are common sense.  If a pool activity doesn't intrude on other residents' privacy or present a safety issue, it's usually permitted.
Few if any Houston apartments provide pool lifeguards.  Residents use apartment pool facilities at their own risk.
Apartments with pool facilities will require an adult family member - always present at the pool or hot tub with their children for the safety of anyone under the age of 18, in most communities. 
In addition to all the water sports in the Houston area, children's learn-to-swim programs are very popular.  
The best area apartment properties feature fairly comprehensive exercise and workout facilities for residents - some include pilates, spinning classes and yoga, as well state of the art equipment that include cardiovascular equipment, treadmills, and free weights and techno-gyms.
In the event that the apartment of your choice does not have a workout facility and you are committed to a regular exercise regimen, consider a membership at one of the fitness clubs in your area. Houston and the surrounding area is home to hundreds of fitness facilities, rec centers and clubs. 
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