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WHY USE AptExpert.com
 Why use an apartment locator such as AptExpert.com? 
  • You would contact a professional for any important service - whether it's legal, financial advice, or a decision that involves thousands of dollars and a lengthy commitment.   
  • It's simple, fast, free and I'll work hard to find what you want - your complete satisfaction is my ultimate goal.  
  • I have 25 years experience and extensive knowledge of the Clear Lake and Houston apartment rental market to assist you in finding the most suitable match for your apartment search. 
  • I also have access to a database that's constantly updated - we can choose from thousands of listings for apartments, townhomes, lofts, condos, luxury mid-rise and high- rise apartments throughout all Houston areas from the heart of urban living to the suburbs. 
  • I can also assist with questions regarding qualifications and requirements for  standard apartment approval, and provide contacts for electricity, washer/dryer rental, insurance and other services you may need. I'm here to explain and walk you through the entire apartment rental process - from start to finish. 

Your apartment search will become a fun and easy task. Using my free apartment locator service will eliminate the stress and guesswork.  
Apartment locators and finders work with 98% of the apartments in the Clear Lake, Houston and surrounding areas so wherever you want to live, I'm able to assist.  
I will find the best discounts, deals, and free rent specials that match your Houston apartment search. Specials that you wouldn't ordinarily find on your own since we're in direct contact with these leasing teams and apartment owners daily. Select properties are currently offering 1 to 3 months free - some can be pro-rated over the lease term to bring the monthly rental price down for the 12 to 15 month lease term saving you thousands of dollars.  

I am a native Houstonian - I do business throughout the city on a daily basis and I'm very familiar with all the different neighborhoods, cities, and towns in Houston.  
With my knowledge and experience and your input, we can find the perfect place for you. Please call now 
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  1. I'm in constant contact with the apartment owners and leasing teams to stay on top of  specials and price reductions, which I'm able to pass on to you. Prices, specials and availability can change on a daily basis. Houston now has an over-supply of luxury apartments in many areas, we know where you can get the latest and greatest apartment deals!
  2. One of the best reasons to use an apartment locator service is for their knowledge. I know the properties and apartments that I refer you to, I visit them regularly, I'm very familiar with the locations and can help you choose an area that is convenient to work, school or daily activities for your lifestyle. 
  3. I will do my best to help you avoid a year long mistake. We've heard all the stories ("it doesn't look like the picture", "the maintenance department isn't doing what they promised", "there's not enough parking", "there are bugs everywhere") - while no property is perfect, there are many that strive to maintain the highest standards of living environments for their residents.  
  4. There are a number of good reasons to use an apartment locator but to use one with 25 years of experience will be invaluable to you.  

Facts about Apartments in the Houston and surrounding rental market:

In Houston, there are over 2,618 apartment rental communities with over 610,131 apartments.
The Average Rental Price paid in January for Houston was $968. for an average 879 sq ft and that's just an average! It does not accurately reflect the $2.00+ per square foot price of luxury communities in and around the Galleria, Midtown, Montrose, the Heights and many other areas of Houston that extend well into suburban areas like the Woodlands, Katy and Clear Lake.  

There are more apartment communities currently under construction with some others to break ground in the coming year. Over 83 apartments have recently opened. 
There are 41 major market areas in Houston and 140 cities and towns and Houston traffic can be tough to

So what does all this mean to you? You could spend days, weeks, even months looking for an apartment on your own that matches your wants and needs . . .  but you don't have to!  navigate on a good day! know these facts can be overwhelming when you are about to search for your new apartment. You want to make the best possible decision regarding where you and your family are going to live - I will help you to make the most informed decision and provide the most comprehensive apartment search package available.  
Call Kathy Curtis or fill out the "start apartment search" quick contact form on AptExpert.com 

Let's make your apartment search fun! You'll enjoy visiting the properties and at your convenience, I don't have to be with you. I'll set appointments for you and update the pricing and other details just prior to your touring.  Let The Apt Expertassist you. 
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You're busy - let me help! 
When you use my free apartment locator service, you can be sure:
1 -  My service is completely Free. The property you lease at pays our company a fee after move in, no hidden cost or fees are incurred as a result of using my service.
2 -  You'll receive a customized apartment search list that matches your requests - wants, needs, price, amenities, area. 
3 -  I'll do all the work - you'll visit the properties of your choice. 
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
I'm paid, only, as a result of your rental and move in - in addition to your paying rent and fees as agreed to per your lease agreement. 
All you do for me to receive credit  - list Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators, on Guest Cards/Visits and your rental applications. 
Report your lease information to me to receive your Thank You Bonus Gift Card. 

Rely on a hardworking, licensed, professional to find your next apartment. Call now 281-842-7965

When shopping for an apartment locator service, you do not need to call multiple agents/locators. 
All apartment locators, while they may not be equal in service, experience or property knowledge, have access to the same apartment communities and information. Contacting more than 1 apartment locator can be confusing and overwhelming. If you have contacted other apartment locators and provided the same apartment search criteria, "apples to apples", the outcome will be the same. On occasion apartment owners and leasing or management teams will offer deals or specials through our service, exclusively, but most offer it equally to all agents. I attempt to pre-qualify my customers prior to referring you to apartments in an effort to avoid wasting your time and money. During our initial consultation, I'll ask if you have any credit, rental or background issues that would prevent a standard approval. Apartment and rental communities have credit and rental criteria requirements. The more I know - the better I'm able to assist you. There are some second chance apartments, depending on your issue.   
Important Facts/Tips To Narrow Your Apartment Search 

Price - It may seem like a no-brainer, but remember to compare the total rental price over the course of the lease term. For example, an apartment community may have a higher monthly rent but is offering a free rent special of 1 to 2 months free, significantly lowering the total price over a 12 to 15 month lease term! 

Lease Terms - Keep in mind that specials offered rarely apply to anything less than a year lease term and sometimes longer. While 6 month leases are still offered at most apartment communities, that will almost always increase the monthly rental price, sometimes significantly. Shorter term leases such as 3 months are only offered at some apartment properties. A short term lease of 3 months will be at "market rate", some have an additional upcharge, as much as $300 per month in addition to the higher market rent. Also factor in that most apartments use a dynamic pricing software for prices - I can help you with finding the best properties regardless of whether it's a long or short term lease you're looking for. I can also help you with a corporate apartment - a corporate apartment is either a long or short term rental that includes rent, furniture, utility allowances, cable, internet, maid service. They are significantly higher in price but is less than a hotel and much more convenient.    

Water, sewer, trash,gas, and pest control are additional fees paid separately by the renter. There are only a handful of properties that don't charge these fees additionally - the vast majority do. 

There are some all bills paid or utilities included apartments - they are older built communities that typically have been upgraded. They don't have washer/dryer connections in the apartment but there are laundry facilities on site.  Contact me for more information for these apartment communities in Clear Lake, Houston or other areas.  

     Laundry facilities  - You know you’ll be spending time doing laundry, so you might favor the complex that provides you with a washer and dryer in the apartment, over those which provide shared laundry facilities on site. If one apartment comes with a connection and another comes with a washer and dryer already installed, you might factor in the cost of renting or buying new units before you make your decision. Washer/dryer rental can run $40 to $50 monthly. 

Location, Location, Location -  One apartment may be closer to work, ensuring a shorter commute. Another may be within walking distance of a grocery store,  and shopping. Still another may be close to school, public transportation, a dog park or even a favorite pub or restaurant to meet up with your friends and colleagues. It's always a good idea to put in the apartment’s address into Google Maps to measure the time to travel to important daily destinations.  My free apartment list comes with Maps, directions, amenities and all the detailed information you'll need to be able to decide which property is the right one for you.  

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Please remember to write Kathy Curtis/Texas Apartment Locators as your referral source on all guest cards when you visit, and again on your rental applications. Contact me with your new apartment rental information for your Thank You Gift Card.      

Need a pet friendly property? I can help, from small dogs to large dogs, and cats, almost all Houston and Clear Lake area apartment communities welcome your family pets!  

If you're looking for an apartment that takes pets, I can help! Apartments in and around Houston are pet friendly, small, medium and large dogs and cats. AptExpert.com Call Kathy 281-842-7965 and let's make sure your furry friends are happy too! Dog parks,agility equipment, pet washing stations - let's get started finding your pet friendly apartment!

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