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Tips To Finding Your Next Apartment


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April 2014

Tips To Finding Your Next Apartment

AptExpert.com Tips on How to Find the Right Apartment
Kathy Curtis/Texas Apartment Locators Houston - Your free licensed local apartment expert at AptExpert.comFinding the apartment that is right for you is critical, because once you move into it,this apartment will become your homefor the next 6 months to 18 months depending on your lease term.
·      (Tip 1 – Engage the services of an apartment locator/finder like myself! It’s freeand we have the expertise to match you with the best possible properties to match what you’re looking for in terms of price, area, amenities, length of lease term and best of all it’s free, Contact

Rent Reports for March 2014 - US and Texas

In a recent report - 
Class A properties are currently on a five-month upswing, with rents increasing by 50 bps, year over year. Meanwhile, Class B properties generated the strongest annual effective rent growth. Class C, which had slowed slightly from the middle of 2013 through February 2014, saw its first uptick (about 20 basis points) since July 2013.
Based on a comparison of rent levels for deliveries of units on brand new rental communities coming into the market - they areless affordable