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Tips To Finding Your Next Apartment

AptExpert.com Tips on How to Find the Right Apartment
Kathy Curtis/Texas Apartment Locators Houston - Your free licensed local apartment expert at AptExpert.comFinding the apartment that is right for you is critical, because once you move into it, this apartment will become your home for the next 6 months to 18 months depending on your lease term.
·       (Tip 1 – Engage the services of an apartment locator/finder like myself! It’s free and we have the expertise to match you with the best possible properties to match what you’re looking for in terms of price, area, amenities, length of lease term and best of all it’s free, Contact Kathy Curtis/Texas Apartment Locators Houston by calling 281-842-7965 or visiting the website link highlighted) An apartment rental lease is legal and binding in the state of Texas and there are not many ways to break the lease without lots of fees, and the typical rental is accelerated in it’s entirety, and due at the time the lease is broken! This could result in many thousands of dollars and they don’t go back and change the amount owed even if the apartment is rented prior to the expiration date of your lease unless some serious prompting is done to have the owner, landlord, or management company to do so.  So, investing some time looking, and using an experienced, licensed agent, that’s very knowledgeable with rental apartments being offered in the area you are planning to move to, is the most important - first step.
Start the process as soon as possible,  to give yourself time to see the different units, neighborhoods, and styles of apartments as possible. Rents throughout the Houston and surrounding suburbs are higher than they have ever been, due to such high demand – my best advice
Click now to start your apartment search with Kathy Curtis/Texas Apartment Locators and let the local apt expert help you fast and free! ·       (Tip 2 – Start the process early, not more than 60 to 90 days early- from your tentative move in date.)  The apartment management/rental offices won’t know what units will be available any earlier than 60 to 90 days in advance. If you have rented an apartment recently, you know that you are required to give a “written move out notice of your intent to vacate” 60 days prior to your lease expiration date. 
·        (Tip 3 – Read the fine print on the application and in particular the lease agreement - it’s very important to know your requirements to” fulfill” your lease, make sure your rent is paid by the date due, and to know what your apartment owner/landlord/management company expects from you as a lease holder!)    
Always read your rental application and lease paperwork - just to make sure you know what you are signing, The typical rental application looks similar to this, and please don't forget to list Kathy Curtis, Texas Apartment Locators as your referral source if you are renting a property through my free service! Report your rental to me, they don't conact use when you apply or move in!   
The more options you give yourself the better your chances of finding the ideal apartment will be. They will each have different features and amenities, for example, and those should all be considered when calculating the price of the apartment versus the benefits you get for paying that amount of monthly rent. If you want convenience in terms of proximity to work or school, that’s an important feature. Maybe you enjoy going to the gym or playing tennis and in that case those developments or apartment complexes that provide recreational facilities like tennis courts or a 24 hour fitness center or health club will appeal to you. Other renters want a great view, maybe of the water in Clear Lake or even Galveston, a private balcony, or a playground, and a lot of attention is given to finding an apartment for rent with perimeter fencing or a gated community, intrusion alarms or even a guard station at the entrance. These are amenities that I as your local expert can help you find. 
·      Tip # 4 Make a list of your priorities. Then contact an apartment locator such as myself at 281-842-7965 or visit http://AptExpert.com  to assist you and make your search easier and quicker, or start calling around to find out who offers what.
 You may consider using one of those little apartment books you can pick up at the grocery store publication racks or using a company that is referred to as a .com service, but, they don’t offer the ”one on one “service that we do at AptExpert.com and Texas Apartment Locators Houston, but be advised, they are not always up to date! After all, there’s nothing that can compare to a personal service, where you can actually talk to another human, on the phone, or even via email – that person you are talking to is always going to be much more accountable for the information you are given in those conversations, than any other means of getting the data you need! Another reason to use a professional apartment locator like Kathy Curtis at AptExpert.com, Texas Apartment Locators Houston, which has been doing business in Houston since 1992! In addition to calling me and getting real time pricing and availability, I do all the calling around for you, and I know exactly where to start.  The apartment owners or management offices contact me when they have an apartment deal or special that they want to lease quickly, or even in the future to keep their occupancy as high as it should be, so they contact us sometimes even prior to advertising that apartment anywhere else, print media, online media, even on their own websites. This of course is another reason to use AptExpert.com -  I get to pass on those savings and valuable information to you first!
·       Tip #5 - Make appointments to visit the apartments that you are most interested in.  
I will call each property to check pricing and availability for you, but it never hurts to give the leasing office a quick to call to let them know you are coming, it's not mandatory, but it could save you some time!  In the event they don't have one to show or are closed for lunch, Call Kathy Curtis, Your local AptExpert.com
Although it’s not required, you want to be sure they have something to show you, that they won’t be shorthanded and perhaps closed for lunch, or perhaps even leased the only unit they had prior to you visiting so you don’t make a wasted trip. The ones that offer the features on your list and within your price range. After touring a few you will be better informed and can make a smart decision regarding which apartment is going to be your new home.

Please remember to report your rental to your apartment finder - we won't know where you apply unless you tell us, and I will help this process go as smoothly for you as possible, from filling out your application to picking up your keys and  familiarizing yourself with the area you have chosen to live in! Kathy Curtis/Texas Apartment Locators Houston, 
at http://www.AptExpert.com

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